Care of the Orphan Foal

It is tragic when the mare dies during or soon after foaling. However with veterinary assistance and good care it is possible to successfully raise an orphan foal. Here are some notes that may be of assistance to you. First Needs Firstly clean and dry the foal and keep warm, cover if necessary from extreme […]

Nutrition for Brood Mares

When Grass is Never Enough and a Foal Needs a Good Start in Life What Does the Pregnant Mare Need? A foal needs a good nutritional start in life from three months before it is born! Without doubt, the most important period of a horse’s life is from birth through to two years of ages. […]

Calcium Supplementation – How this Relates to Oxalate Grasses

Normal Pasture Conditions Calcium, for a horse, is a very important mineral. Keeping a horse on good quality pasture, feeding lucerne chaff or fibre mix and not overfeeding grain means that you will be providing the daily calcium intake a resting horse needs in the correct ratio of other minerals. What is that intake? Well […]

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