Joints – Damage, Arthritis, DJD in Horses

Vetpro Joints Article

What is Equine Arthritis & Degenerative Joint Disease Arthritis means inflammation in the horse’s joints, this inflammation can be from any cause: infection, trauma etc. However Degenerative Joint Disease is a disorder, common in animals and humans alike usually referred to as DJD, it is often used as an overall definition for all joint disorders, […]

The Equine Hock Joint

Dr Peter Gillespie. BVSc MACVS. Situated midway between the stifle joint and the foot in the hind limb, is the hock, one of the hardest working joints in the equine body. It is also one of the most complex – comprising six bones making up four individual joints, all held in place by numerous ligaments […]

The Equine Suspensory Ligament

Dr Peter Gillespie. BVSc MACVS. Injuries to the suspensory ligament are a common occurrence in athletic horses. They can occur in both the fore and hind legs and have the potential to bring a horse’s competitive career to an end. Where is the suspensory ligament and what does it do? To describe it in simple […]

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