This stuff is brilliant. Too wet to get a selfie but it tamed 3 Shetland pony manes for the Waikato show. Was very relieved! My mare won Best mane and tail, a gelding we prepared got second and hubby and his stallion were third.

Deanna H

- Lillidale Products

I got Ben off the track end of August ’09 and started feeding him Muscle Max (90grm dose) straight away. Since then I have seen a great
improvement in his condition, muscle tone, and overall general heath. His coat now looks and feels amazing and he is starting to get more
topline. I would recommend Muscle Max as a great product to help horses that lacking muscle and condition. If anyone would like to talk to me
more about Muscle Max they can find me at AMS Saddlery.”

There is one picture of Ben in end August ’09 and the other is May ’10.

Photos of Ben before and after using Muscle Max


- Success stories with Muscle Max

I would like to thank you for sponsoring the ‘Champion Hack of the Year’ Title class at this years Horse of the Year Show. Your sponsorship of this class is greatly appreciated. I was lucky enough to win this class with my hack ‘Regal Romar’ and also proud to say that we use Vetpro products on all our Show Team.

We feel this contributed to our success at this years HOTY, with our Show Team winning the Saddle Hunter of the Year class, Lead Rein Pony of the Year and the 12.2hh & Under Pony of the Year along with the prestigious Gee Whizz Equestrian Turnout class.
So once again Thank you and we look forward to continuing our use of Vetpro products on our team.

Natacha Otto

- Horse of the Year Testimonial

Hi there,
I was a recent competitor at the Puhinui Horse Trials and was lucky to receive 2 prizes in the Vetpro pre novice class. Thank you so much for your sponsorship, it is always appreciated by the riders. I think your Vetpro products are fantastic and use them alot.

Jo Shepard da Silva

- Puhinui Three Day Event testimonial

At the recent Puhinui Horse Trials 3 day event, I was the winner of the Pre Novice section A on my young horse, Henton Attorney General.
I was delighted to be able to bring this horse along to Puhinui and Show Jump him in the main arena. I am extremely grateful for the fantastic sponsorship you gave to the Puhinui Horse Trials Group in order for them to run this event and was amazed at the quality and extent of the prizes we won!
I understand that without sponsorship like this, the event would not have gone ahead.

Lizzie Brown

- Puhinui Three Day Event testimonial

Sally the Collie “Had eczema on her tail, we used 2dogs Skin repair lotion and the itchy rash went in days and the hair grew back in just a few weeks.

Before and After

Great Results with 2Dogs Skin repair lotion

Bruce the Labrador “Had an itchy rash that always irritated him so much he could not leave it alone.  With 2dogs skin repair lotion it went within a couple of weeks.  Bruce is happy now!

Great Results with 2Dogs Skin repair lotion

Our barn has been using Vetpro’s B-Boost and Quicklyte for 6 months now and the horses are going really well, especially Tirol’s Sallance (winner of Nevele R Fillies Series Final at Addington) and Alta Serena (winner of Nevele R /Caduceus Club Final at Alexandra Park).

John Green – Harness Trainer

Great Customer Feedback with Quicklyte and B-Boost

Thanks for the sponsorship at the Arabian Saddle Horse Show.  We had great numbers from throughout the South Island.

I was lucky enough to win one of your bottles of the Fungal Cleansing Shampoo, and you now have a convert.  My young gelding has been suffering from some sort of hair loss/dermatitis around his cheeks and neck, nothing I have used has cleared it up except your shampoo.

Maree Milliken

Results with Fungal Cleansing Shampoo

When the day finally arrives and your mare successfully delivers you a foal, the last thing you expect is to lose your mare.  That’s what happened to me!  12 hours after foaling and I’m left holding the baby.

I tried a foster mare but after 48 hours of no sleep and trying everything with the mare we could think of to get her to accept my orphaned foal we accepted defeat.  I had by this stage been supplementing the foal with Vetpro Foal Milk, so I decided that bottle feeding was the best option for me.

And I believe it was the best thing i could have done for my orphan foal.  Vetpro Foal Milk is easy to use and in my opinion gave my little colt the best start in life, he never had any stomach upsets and when compared to another foal of the same age, he definitely looked the better of the two.

I kept the foal on milk for the first 12 weeks and as you’ll see from the weekly updated pictures you’d never tell he’s an orphan!  If you ever find yourself in a position of having to hand rear your foal I would encourage you to try Vetpro Foal Milk and give your foal the best start possible to life.

Donna Smith

Results with Foal Milk

Since we have been giving Rosie (2 Year Old Rottweiler Mastiff) Flex Canine, her mobility and general well being has improved greatly. We know this is a fact because within a couple of days of running out she stiffens up and is in obvious discomfort. I highly recommend this product.

Grahame Cole

Results with Flex Canine

I would like to thank you for your wonderful product.

My dog Max was unable to walk on his front paw, had stopped barking and was looking very sad when I first gave him Flex Canine, he had been to the vet and there appeared to be nothing seriously wrong. He was overweight so I was told to watch his food intake and to give him a course of anti-inflammatory tablets.

Flex Canine was recommend to me, I was told to continue with the medication from the vet as Flex Canine would take a while to work through the system.

I was astounded, within the week Max was walking to greet me and barking again (you’ve no idea how much you miss the bark when it’s not there). Max has been on Flex Canine for 6 weeks now, the other day he was so excited he actually jumped in the car when I came home. His coat is thick and fluffy, his eyes are sparkling, his smile is back and he is up and down the paddocks and welcoming us home once again.

Felicity Smith Helensville, Auckland.

Results with Flex Canine

I’m still not sure how she did it but it was a big open wound with exposed bone and partially torn tendons. The splint bone was fractured and the bottom third removed. She has had 3 weeks box rest and bandaging with Robinson’s Activate dressings.

Sandy Beardmore

- Success story with Robinson’s Activate Dressings

Hi there,
In January my thoroughbred injured his neck. It only took a month to heal and I think it is because of the equifix cream. I found the product amazing for encouraging flesh growth and hair growth. But I think the pictures will speak for themselves !

Success stories with Equifix Repair Cream


I would firstly like to say that I brought a Combo First Aid kit a while ago, it was the best thing I have brought in ages – I have had to unfortunately had to use it but, I have found your products fantastic and have replaced and added with your products wherever possible.  We also run hunting dogs and although its not on the label, we have used the products on them when they have been injured or ripped up also – especially the Equifix cream – amazing stuff!!!  Mostly healed a dogs ear that was hanging in shreds in about 3-4 days and has done wonders in fast healing of the ‘poke holes’ in a few other dogs.

Thank you

Success stories with Equifix Repair Cream

I have recently begun using your Flex Equine for my daughters pony and wanted to let you know about the change it has made to her.
Crystal is a very sweet 27 year old, 11 hand pony. We have owned her for 2 years and this season my daughter has started in the lead rein class at pony club on her. We had noticed that her movement particularly in the back legs was jerky and she seldom got past a trot to keep up with her paddock mate.
I began adding Flex Equine to a hand full of feed every day and within a fortnight noticed a smoothness in her movement and lots more cantering. I was moved to write to you this afternoon when I shifted her and her paddock mate into a new paddock and it was her that cantered around looking like a little filly again instead of her younger mate.
I have already recommended Flex Equine to others at our pony club and will continue doing so.

Justine Smith

Success stories with Flex Equine

Case: Poronui Tina’s Boy
Born in November 1978 “Boy” is a 25 year old registered Quarter Horse Gelding.
Some recent achievements include being selected as American Quarter Horse Association of New Zealand – Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year 2001-02 and 2002-03.

Boy has led a long and active life in New Zealand rodeo, his occupation of late being Steer Wrestling horse. For those who are not familiar with rodeo, this involves going from a standstill, to flat out gallop in a matter of seconds whilst chasing a steer/cattle beast out from a shute. His job is to follow alongside the beast until level with it, where his rider then jumps off him and wrestles the beast to the ground till all four feet are on the same side of the ground. Sometimes this whole process is completed in around four seconds – definitely a speed event. Boy has also in his past competed at Barrel Racing (also a speed event at Rodeos) and Western Showing, more sedate than the previous two events but asking for many different movements similar to dressage.

Boy moved to Central Otago just before the winter in 2001 (after spending stints in both North and South Islands, and competing in both Islands most of his life). He was starting to show his age, both in the lack of joint flexibility and muscular soreness, along with the onset of the typical “old horse” type problems. However retirement wasn’t considered as he was still very competitive in this event, consistently putting his riders in “the money” and with respectable times that were beating even the young horses.

After much reading and cost comparisons, we decided to put him on Flex Equine Powder. Initially our efforts to help him were in vain – he hated the stuff in his feed! However his young paddock mate had no objections to it and had the benefit of the first few doses! We adhered to the loading dose for slightly longer than the recommended time for Boy (due to the slow start!) and then dropped him back to the maintenance dose.

Results were apparent within a month. He was brighter in himself, his joints weren’t “clicking” as they had been, and his ability to flex and bend was much better. Another month down the track and I’m sure someone had swapped the old guy for a 5 year old! He frequently races around the paddock sometimes bucking with excitement, and his strides are longer and much freer.

He has been regularly checked over the last 2 years by a very good Equine Massage and Manipulation practitioner, and she has also been impresses with his progress over the past year. In fact he is better every time she checks him. We are happy with the results we have seen from adding Flex Equine to his diet and health programme, and we are certain that it will keep the old fellow competing for a while yet. So far this season he has won or placed at every rodeo he has competed at. Look out for the chestnut flash with the blonde mane at the next rodeo you go to – you’ll have to be quick though!

Carmen Hodge and Warren Nichol
Central Otago

Success stories with Flex Equine

This is a testimonial from a show jumping family.
Mrs Becconsall rang to say “her daughter Jordyn’s horse ‘Junior’ who is a 16 year old show jumper, and has been on Flex Equine for the past 5 months with great results. ‘Junior’ had been on the Corta Flex previously with no success, and months off with lameness. However, after just a few months to taking our Flex Equine, “Junior” has been sound and injury free and has just completed successfully at the recent Horse of the Year Show in the 1.30m and 1.15m classes.

Success stories with Flex Equine

Thanks for putting me onto your product Flex Equine. I put “Facta Non Verba” on it in January 2000. His form since then has been excellent.

Many thanks. 

Mike Berger - Berger & Rich Harness Racing Stables, Morrinsville

Success stories with Flex Equine

Dear Vetpro,

Here is a photo of my lovely mare “Witchita Princess” at the Te Aroha Show where she did really really well against some very stiff competition. The Flex Equine has made a huge difference to her flat work and her show hunting performance. I thank you sincerely for your on-going advice and assistance.

Barbara Jackaman - Whangamata

Success stories with Flex Equine

Hi there

I think I need to be your poster girl!!!!  I have just tried your Digest Rite product for the first time – oh my goodness it worked in less than 24 hours – I am THRILLED to have my lovely horses back!!!!!  I have been telling everybody about it.
We have just moved property’s from High country where I  never encountered a grass issue to cattle/sheep farm with high end pasture, I wondered what I had struck with my dressage boys seeing dragons at every corner.
I read about your product & had only feed it in the night feed & then in the am feed, I would have had one horse in by mid morning & as I was bringing him I could tell he was a different guy, just his over all expression was happier.
Riding him was amazing, the difference, I couldn’t trust him to get around the arena without having a meltdown somewhere & our work was suffering, now I can do everything calmly & I can trust him again.
Amazing amazing product, I have never tried anything that has had such a remarkable effect. I now have all of my client horses on it too, my safety first ha ha!!!
Congrats on a great product 🙂

Dear Vetpro,
“Hi there, Thought I would put a few words together to tell you how marvellous I think your product Digest Rite is. On recommendation from a lady at Greerton Equestrian I started feeding this product to my horse about a month ago now. I live on the outskirts of Waihi about an hour from Tauranga. My horse is a 16hh Andalusian/TB cross, a very sensitive fellow. He used to be so aggressive in the paddock with my other horse and chase him around and literally tear his rugs to pieces. I had them split up for ages. It cost me a fortune in repairs. Since being on this product he is now in the same paddock with my other horse and rugs have stayed intact for weeks. He gives me a soft whinny when he sees his breakfast coming in the morning, something he never used to do. He is totally different to ride. Still has his zest for working but so much more attentive. I have also notices a difference when I hack him out on the road. I now ask him to stay on the bit but on a longer rein and he is quite content to do this, not freaking out that he can not get his head up and worry about gremlins are around the next corner. I only wish I had known about Digest Rite Sport ages ago.
Many Thanks for producing such a wonderful product.

Heather Hayward

Dear Vetpro,
‘I thought I would put pen to paper to comment on the Digest Rite sport product by your company, I have a young five year old warmblood that I had been unable to work due to his severe nervousness and frightening shying behaviour until I researched and commenced him Vetpros above mention product four weeks ago well within the first week I had completely different horse, even handling him on the ground now is a pleasure, riding him is even greater pleasure. After being under vet care for his state and being fed allsorts of additives which weren’t working, he is now only on Digest Rite 50gm daily and Vetpro Relax 3 times a week. We are now into week five of true work, the horse is progressing well and will begin competition over the winter in prep for the spring competitions, again letting you know this is a great product and I certainly recommend it.
Many Thanks

Sue McCallum, Blenheim.

Hi again, Just giving you an update on my warmbloods progress since starting your product Digest Rite Sport at xmas time, the despair I was enduring due to his behaviour has been replaced with excitement of his massive progress in the last four weeks. I have now also started him on Muscle Max, I likened this horse to an ADHD child, now his concentration on me as his rider and to his work is remarkable to say the least, best $35.00 I have ever spent. If someone had said it would work after the first few day s of adding it to his feed I wouldn’t have believed them, but the change in Benilli is amazing, he still has odd moments but only moments I am able to get him back to me with in seconds not hours!
So Thank you to your company

Sue McCallum, Blenheim.

Thank you for letting me trial your product ‘Digest Rite’ on my Alpacas. This was arranged through yourselves and Cindy Kent and I am grateful for the opportunity to report back on my findings. They are as follows;
I used Digest Rite on my two Alpacas, One a 13month old female who had been suffering from grass reaction symptoms over three months during last summer. The other was a three year old female who started showing signs of similar symptoms in the week before I started with Digest Rite. Both Alpacas had been taken off pasture and were being hard fed with Alpaca nuts and hay at the time. The older female was very wobbly and highly sensitive. The younger had only a slight head wobble, but had been taken off pasture longer.
I used Digest Rite over a period of two weeks, giving each Alpaca three tablespoons once a day. The first two times I gave it mixed with water and administered it as a drench to make sure they got it all, however it took a fair amount of water to get it liquid enough to give which made the quantity of drench quite large. They would not eat wet feed. The next time after this, I just added it to their feed dry which worked well. Alpacas can be notoriously fussy if anything new is added to their food, but they didn’t mind the Digest Rite if it was dry.
Both Alpacas showed a definite improvement within 4 days of treatment and within a week both were very steady. I stopped treatment. However, within two days the younger Alpaca started to show head wobbling again, so I resumed giving the Digest Rite to both girls for a further week. They were both steady at the end of this period, so I released them into a new paddock where they have remained free from symptoms for the remainder of the season.


Luci Robbins-Veterinary nurse

Ruffles was a rescued pony in very poor condition with Laminitis. It was difficult to feed him enough to improve his condition as it worsened the laminitis which crippled him for six months. Since giving him Vetpro Digest Rite within six weeks he was able to be out on full grass and full protein in the diet including soya bean oil. he is trotting sound and the old laminitis rings are growing down being replaced with healthy normal feet.


S Riddle, Kumeu

Feedback on Digest Rite

Janine Grant a veterinarian from South Auckland had a Jenny donkey in foal over the past winter.  She had become very bitchy and angry when Janine’s Farrier husband tried to trim her hoofs over this period.  They had tried roping her and giving her a veterinary drug relaxant but to no avail as this made her stagger and become unsafe to be around.  They tried our Kava Calmer out of sheer desperation and found that it worked wonderfully.  Although still roped (for safety measures) the Kava Calmer just took the edge off her but she was still able to be controlled without being wobbly on her feet.  Her feet were trimmed without hassles and Janine said she would be using Kava Calmer again for future trimmings and anyway else it maybe needed.

Thanks to Vetpro


Feedback on Kava Calmer

I would like to thank Vetpro  for their wonderful, and continuing support of dressage in New Zealand.  I can proudly boast I have been a Vetpro customer of long standing both as an individual and distributor through my equine business, Equestrian Specialists.

Dressage is moving ahead, in this country, thanks to the support of high profile companies like Vetpro.  For some years it was, in New Zealand, a spectacle to provide entertainment rather than a competition.  For the rest of the world, it had become an Olympic event!

Through sponsorship from supportive and farsighted companies, dressage did evolve in New Zealand.   We have had representatives in the last two Olympic games, Kallista Field and Louisa Hill, both having gained the experience in Advanced level competitions by participating in the Vetpro Equine supplements Advanced Challenge series.  Possibly without the support of your company, we may not have had riders at Olympic level for many years.

On a much lower level, I was fortunate enough to win the Vetpro Equine Supplements Advanced Challenge at the Wellington championship last weekend. (29th & 30th October 2005) Please accept my sincerest thanks for your sponsorship and I can guarantee my continuing support buying and promoting your wonderful products.

Hunniman has been on Muscle Max and Flex Equine for the past three years and continues to thrive on both.  I GENUINELY don’t believe he would be performing successfully at advanced level without these two products.

Frankie Webb and Hunniman

Success stories with Flex EVetpro Equine Supplements Advanced Challengequine

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