• First aid kit for rider and horse.
    1 Medi-Plast Adhesive Bandage 5 cm 1 Medi- Wrap Cohesive Bandage 2 Medi- Crepe Bandage 7.5 cm 1 Triangular Bandage 1 Box 100 Waterproof Plasters 1 Box Strip Fabric Plaster 6cm x 1m 1 Roll Medi- Fix Non woven Adhesive 5 cm 4 pair Disposable Gloves 1 Antiseptic Cream 1 CPR Face Shield 2 Conform Wound Dressing 5 x 7.2 cm 2 Steripad Non Stick Dressing 5 x 5 cm 1 Stop Bleed gel sachet 2 Paraffin Gauze Dressing Sachets 1 Cool gel Pad 5 x 12 cm 1 Scissors 15 cm 1 Hand Sanitizer 1 Foil Rescue Blanket   Some brands may change
    1 Animalintex 1 Cool Pads 13 x 23 cm 1 Arctic Blast Bandage 10cm 1 Conform Wound Dressing 9x25cm 1 Equifix Skin Repair 200gm 1 Digital Thermometer 1 Hoof Poultice Pack 3 2 Steripad Dressing 10x10cm 2 Rolls Equibine Padding 30cm 2 Medi-Wrap Cohesive Bandage 1 Medi-Plast Adhesive Bandage 10cm     Some brands may change
  • Designed as an instant “one off” first aid pack for bleeding injuries, either in the paddock or when you are out riding or competing. Contains all the bandaging and first aid products needed for on the spot treatment, plus an excellent information sheet on how to treat different types of wounds and a Robinsons Practical Bandaging booklet - everything the horse owner needs to treat an emergency wound. Packaged in a flat foil pouch for ease of storage. Quick and easy to grab in an emergency!
    2 x Co-hesive Wrap 2 x 10cm Orthoban Padding Bandage 2 x Steri-Pads 1 x Cool Gel Pad 10cm x 20cm 1 x Bandage Scissors 1 x Vetpro Antibacterial Gel 60ml 3 x 30ml Saline 1 x Irrigation Bulb Syringe Information sheet on wounds Robinsons Practical Bandaging booklet
  • First aid kit for your horse.
    Medisportz Poultice 1 Cool Gel Pad 13 cm x 23 cm 1 Arctic Blast Compression Bandage 1 Medi-Conform Dressing 9 x 25 cm 2 Equifix Skin Repair 200gm 1 Hoof Poultice Pack 3 1 Steripad Dressing 10 x 10 cm 3 Paraffin Dressing 2 Equibine Padding 30 cm roll 2 Medi-Wrap Cohesive Bandage 10 cm 4 Medi-Plast Adhesive Bandage 10 cm 2 Saline Wound Wash 2 Disposable Gloves pair 4
  • Vetpro has the answer with Hoof poultice pack! All you need to poultice your horse's hoof.
    3 x Meditex Hoof Poultice 1 x Cohesive Wrap 7.5cm 1 x Plast Elastic Adhesive Bandage 1 x Padding for Heel Plus our guide to Poultice a horse's hoof
  • This year is particularly bad for mud all over the country and Vetpro has the right products to specifically combat uncomfortable skin conditions caused by winter mud. View our 'Mud Fever' Article Here
    The Mud Pack is in a re-sealable pouch and contains: Vetpro Fungal Shampoo 500 mL Equifix Emu Oil Repair Cream 200 gm Vetpro Activ Scrub 500 mL Sponge Applicator Full leaflet explaining mud fever and how to resolve it
  • All the emergency items you need for a ride out, packed in a comfortable waterproof waist bag- Trekking, Endurance training, Beach and forest, Pony Club Camp.
    1 Poncho 1 medi crepe 5cm 1 Triangular Bandage 1 Thermal rescue Blanket 1 Disposable Latex Gloves (pair) 1 CPR face shield 5 Medi Band Plasters 4 Alcohol Swabs 1 Bandage Scissors 1 Bug repellent 50ml 1 Medi Conform Bandage 1 Steri Pad dressing 10 x 10cm 1 Cool Gel Pad 1 Orthoban padding Rolls 1 Medi Wrap bandage 10cm 1 Saline Wash 1 Hoof Pick 1 Lead rope 1 Emergency Contact Card
  • Vetpro has produced a range of first aid kits for larger animals – this kit has been designed for the small pet owner. A variety of items that may assist in an emergency such as wounds, burns, grazes. Complete with saline to sluice a dirty wound , alcohol swabs to clean around the area, small size soft adhesive bandages , scissors , tweezers and adhesive tape . Latex gloves are also included for the owner.
    1 x Petsportz wrap 5 cm 1 x Medi Stretch 2.5 cm x 4.5 m 1 x Medi Fix 5 cm x 1m 1 x Scissors 1 x Tweezers 2 x Gloves Latex Pair 2 x Saline Sterile Wound Wash 30ml 6 x Alcohol Swabs Sachet 1 x Antibacterial Gel 60ml 1 x Burn Jel Sachet 2 x Steripad 5cm x 5cm 1 x Underpad 1 x Emu Oil Skin repair 50gm 1 x Plastic Box