2 Dogs Flex Canine Plus

Now with Collagen Type II. Less Stiffness – More Tail Wag

2 Dogs Flex-Canine Plus is a 100% natural product, formulated so that it is highly palatable to dogs, in a crumble form that dogs will eat alone or mixed with their food. No tablets to try and get down their throat.

The mobility of your dog is dependent on it having pain-free joints. Osteo-arthritis and degenerative joint disease are common problems, particularly in older dogs. The articular cartilage in joints plays an important role in maintaining normal joint function. It provides the smooth, frictionless surface for bones to move on. It is able to resist the compressive forces of weight bearing, especially important in large breeds and over weight dogs.

2 Dogs Flex-Canine Plus works by helping to maintain cartilage elasticity and aids in the repair of damaged cartilage. The active ingredients in 2 Dogs Flex-Canine Plus include Undenatured Collagen Type II, Glucosamine Sulphate, mixed Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and Manganese Ascorbate. Recent scientific studies have shown the addition of type II Collagen to nutriceuticals with glucosamine and chondroitin “markedly alleviates arthritic associated pain.” Glucosamine is the major structural component of Chrondroitin Sulphate, the principal Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) in cartilage. It is the GAGs that maintain the high water content of cartilage and hence its ability to resist the compressive forces during weight-bearing. When the joints need more Glucosamine, as always happens in degenerative joint disease, the body is unable to speed up production because it is set at a fixed rate, therefore a supplementary form of Glucosamine is beneficial. The body is able to absorb the Glucosamine and use it directly in the joints to repair and maintain the cartilage. The mixed Glycosaminoglycans include Chrondroitin Sulphate and Keratin Sulphate. Both these are used in the cartilage repair process. The Manganese Ascorbate is necessary for the conversion of the Glucosamine to GAGs to occur.

The mixed Glycosaminoglycans in 2 Dogs Flex-Canine Plus is derived from Shark Cartilage, Perna Mussel can be a source but produces a much lower level of GAGS per gram, therefore other supplements containing Perna Mussel as their source of GAGS  may have insufficient levels. 2 Dogs Flex-Canine Plus should be used whenever impaired joint function limits your dog’s mobility. The levels of actives per dose have follow the scientific recommendations so for optimum results the recommended dosing schedule should be strictly adhered to. Under dosing will reduce the therapeutic effect.

Undenatured Type II Collagen                                                             
Glucosamine Sulphate
Mixed Glycosaminoglycans
Manganese Ascorbate

Loading dose per day – For the first 6 weeks
Miniature dogs (2-5kg)½ teaspoon
Small dogs (5-12kg)  1 teaspoon
Medium dogs (12-22kg) 2 teaspoons
Large dogs (22-45kg)  3 teaspoons
Extra large dogs (45+ kg)  4 teaspoons

After the initial six weeks of the loading dose, cut the daily dose in half.

“Data of this placebo-controlled study demonstrate that daily treatment of arthritic dogs with UC-II alone or in combination with glucosamine and chondroitin markedly alleviates arthritic associated pain, and these supplements are well tolerated as no side effects were noted.” Ref 1.

“These results suggest that daily treatment of arthritic dogs with UC-II ameliorates signs and symptoms of arthritis and UC-II is well tolerated as no adverse effects were noted.” Ref 2.

“One may be impressed by the large number of papers (more than a hundred; only a few sighted here) that almost without exception reported beneficial effects from these supplements in osteo-arthritis patients, horses and small animals.”  Ref. 3

“Glucosamine sulphate is absorbed from the stomach within 15 minutes of oral administration.  Peak plasma levels are reached within 60 minutes.”  Ref. 4

“The absolute bio-availability after oral administration in dogs is 72%.”   Ref 4

“In humans glucosamine sulphate has been shown to be as effective as Ibuprofen in relieving the symptoms of osteoarthritis.   The onset of action was observed within two weeks of treatment.  There were significantly fewer side effects seen with glucosamine sulphate than with Ibuprofen.” Ref 3

“Manganese is essential for the biosynthesis of proteoglycan molecule (glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic aid) from glucosamine.  Besides restoring cartilage proteoglycan levels, glucosamine sulphate has anti-inflammatory properties:
Inhibits the generation of superoxide radicals. Inhibits the activity of lysosomal enzymes Ref 5, 6
Inhibits nitric oxide synthesis Ref 6
Decreases 1L-1β in synovial fluid” Ref 5

Administration of CS-G-M was associated with altered concentrations of 3B3 and 7D4 epitope in synovial fluid, suggesting that these compounds may act to modulate articular cartilage matrix metabolism in vivo. Ref 7

“Prior treatment with glucosamine and chondroitin had a protective effect against chemically induced synovitis and associated bone remodelling and also reduced lameness in dogs with induced synovitis.” Ref 8


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