• Activate carbon dressing for cleansing and healing infected wounds – sterile.
  • Multi layered dressing absorbs bacteria within the dressing.
  • Eliminates odour and absorbs exudate.
  • Promotes rapid wound closure and improves normal healing process of wounds susceptible to exuberant granulation.
  • Indicated for chronic wounds not responding to treatment.
  • Reduces frequency of dressing changes.


Healing Open and Infected Wounds with Activate

It is thought that by reducing the level of infection and establishing a clean wound environment, owners can help speed up the rate of healing in horses suffering from open or infected wounds.

All wounds, even minor ones, require attention and the sooner a clean wound environment can be established, the more rapid the healing process can be. Gently clean the wound either with saline solution (purchased ready made or by using one level teaspoon of salt per pint of previously boiled water) or with a horse pipe at very low pressure as high water pressure may drive debris and infection further into the wound.

Wounds should be kept moist and covered with a low-adherent dressing that will not stick to the wound surface. This avoids removing healthy, healing cells when the dressing is changed.


Using Activate Dressings for Infected Wounds

Activate is a multi-layered dressing that incorporates activated carbon. This has been found to attract and absorb bacteria into the dressing, keeping contamination away from the wound surface.

Studies conducted at the University of Liverpool’s Department of Veterinary Science found that the use of activated carbon dressing treatment saw a dramatic improvement in wound condition.

Veterinary Trials – Case Study 1

A thoroughbred was presented with a 10cm wound in the suspensory ligament area of the medical distal cannon on the right hind. The wound was potentially serious, very deep, penetrating to the tendon and complications were anticipated. Exuberant granulation (proud flesh) is a common complication in this type of injury.

The wound was dressed with Activate, and changed at 3-4 day intervals:
After 3 days there was a dramatic improvement in the condition of the injury. The wound had healthy tissue, was clean and dry with minimal swelling.
After 7 days the wound had bridged, closing the deep cavity, the new tissue forming was pink and healthy.
Within 11 days the wound had contracted and was then left undressed.
After 30 days the wound had healed without any further complications or exuberant granulation.


Using Activate Dressings for First Aid

Whilst serious injuries should always be attended by a veterinary surgeon, many horse owners have discovered the benefits of using Activate as a routine First Aid dressing. Clean any wound thoroughly. To apply, carefully open the sterile pouch and place the dark smooth side of the dressing directly on to the wound. Do not apply anything else to the wound which might create a ‘barrier’ between the wound surface and dressing and for extra protection, apply a layer of Veterinary Gamgee and bandage in place with a cohesive bandage.

If the wound is seriously infected change the dressing daily, otherwise routinely change Activate every two or three days according to the condition of the wound and amount of exudate. If the wound does not respond, or you are in any doubt whatsoever, it is vital that you call your veterinary surgeon as soon as possible.

Case Study 2

> (Image 1) Wound treated conventionally for 120 days showed exuberant granulation and severe infection. Activate treatment was commenced.
> (Image 2) Activate carbon dressings were applied for 15 days and resulted in dramatic improvement. Healthy granulation tissue was forming.
> (Image 3) Rapid contraction had taken place and the wound was completely healed 60 days after initial application of Activated Carbon dressings.
> (Image 4) Microscopic enlargement of a strand of carbon showing bacteria extracted in early stages of a wound.

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