Feeding your Horse

Many questions are asked about this topic  :

It is a very important aspect of looking after a horse or pony, and knowledge is required. A horse owner can be bombarded with advertisements for products and feeds and personal recommendations. The answer is to read about the basics, keep it simple and know how much to feed by adding up the weight of the feed .

Horses need feed with the correct balance of fibre – fat- carbohydrates and protein. Good grass does provide that and extra feed is only required for the thin horse, the performance horse , the senior horse and the growing horse – or one on poor pasture.

The easy option is a premix, but it is the expensive option, and it is important to read the label and check that the four necessary components are there and how much of it you need to feed. The manufacturer can be very helpful with the decision of what premix is best. It is counterproductive to add small amounts of different premixes, and then a host of bits and pieces based on hearsay.

The economic option is to make up feed from the basics such as a chaff product for fibre and protein , a fat product ( eg copra meal) and a grain such as extruded barley . The mix can be varied to suit your individual horse. Add supplements of minerals and electrolytes.

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